www.PlatformExpos.com Additional Feature Implementation

After the great success of our last re-development of the www.PlatformExpos.com site in gaining an uplift in SEO and user features the was now to really utilise the new higher footfall to the site for good use and so the Platform Expos team asked for a new feature set and one that was fluid, interactive, and engaging on all platform including Tablet, Phone, and Browser as well as all screen resolutions.

To enable us to do this and add in the new Review features they requested we  re built the exterior of the site so as to keep all of the SEO work and structure relevant, we also enabled a new feature set to give the site a lot more social interaction via the ability to use a WordPress.com, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ ID to post a comment straight onto the site as well as adding a subscription option and new related posts features based on the post tags.

All in all the new features have been used well and the site traffic is rising weekly as the content gets richer and it is a testament to the Platform Expos team to have used the new features in such a constructive way.