The guys at Mer-Tech wanted to gain an edge in a very competitive industry, as such they realised that more and more people go online to view services before choosing an option.

Mer-Tech approached our design team with one requirement “Make us stand out” and that is something we did, the automotive industry is one of the most heavily saturated industries in the UK and so for that SEO and accessibility become a massive requirement for any brand in the sector. To start with accessibility was a limiting factor with the companies original website as with many, Mer-Tech had originally set up its own website using the Moonfruit platform one that although attractive to some first time users becomes very limiting very fast. The initial site lacked that professional and clean look needed to gain the edge with Mer-Tech’s target customer base of Mercedes owners and so to start with we had to clean out the old and build from scratch.

We moved the company onto the WordPress back end system so as to instantly open up the possibilities for future site advancement and feature growth, this began with basic features not previously available like Mobile integration a vital part of any modern website as well as social integration with Facebook. Once the platform was in place the build could start with over 130 pages needed on the site to cover all car brands, servicing options, and also industry required information the task was something that Mer-Tech could not undertake on there own.

Now finished and up and running the site has seen a 62% increase in SEO efficiency (as verified by SEOCentro) and also a much greater ranking in local area searches as well as Google optimisation to include the location and easy integration into such features as Google Now and Google Maps. We also undertook the development of the companies Social offerings and helped build up the social brand on Facebook resulting in an all round connected site and user experience.