Brand Services

Brand Services

Brand design, brand messaging and brand iconography is essential to the recognition and understanding of your product and service and therefore also to its ultimate success in the marketplace.

Garthwest Creative will work closely with you to understand what message you need to convey to your target customer and to convert this core essence into a recognisable and effective design.

It is critical that you create a style guide to ensure that your brand remains clear and consistent. Brand messaging and brand iconography must be tightly controlled in order to rapidly generate customer recognition and customer understanding.

Your brand can have many points of access to the end user and to ensure the best possible access to those customers you need a complete brand that not only includes your product but also the points of access to that product.

At Garthwest Creative we can and do create those points of access with everything from Designing your brand to creating the visuals and the in-store marketing as well as creating the online brand support pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

A Brand should be more than just a name.

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